Enjoy eating chicha-corn! - AGOO CHICHA-CORN
Chicha-corn can be eaten by the general public. It can be eaten anywhere anytime of the day especially during snack time. It is enjoyable to serve it at home, at outings, at parties, in the bars, etc... To maintain the freshness and crunchiness of chicha-corn, it should be stored in airtight container.

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    I'm Emma Teresa S. Mariñas, the author of this website. I co-own/manage this small scale enterprise, Agoo Chicha-corn & Food Products, with my husband , Edwin P. Mariñas.

    Our motto is "If we can't find jobs, we create jobs".

    Our warm and sincere gratitude  to the Department of Trade & Industry - most especially to DTI La Union
    Provincial Office and to DTI Region 1 Office, to the North Luzon Growth Quadrangle Area (North Quad) - Program Management Office, and to the Philippine National IT Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation, for giving us, entrepreneurs, series of trainings on computer literacy and applications, etc. Thus enabling us to create our own website and can now say "Hello World!...".

    Edwin and I are publishing this website to promote our products with the aim of acquiring more buyers not just nationwide but also worldwide. And alongside with this is our goal to inspire and encourage also other micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) especially the beginners to be dedicated and cooperative businessmen to attain something. MSME's should not hesitate to approach the proper government agencies and seek assistance to address their concerns and issues. MSME's should welcome the various assistance and programs that the concerned government agencies are offering them on their platter for their benefits, just like what we did to this particular program that DTI offered us.

    God bless us all!


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